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Made in Britain
We are a manufacturing company with over 8 years of experience in soundproofing. Proud members of Made In Britain, all our dB15 products are sourced in Britain and has been independently tested in the UK, outperforming all our competitors.
Natural Materials

The dB15 Soundboard is a combination of ply cardboard and silica sand. Sand is added to the cardboard and serves as a dense mass material to be used in conjunction with other soundproofing materials on walls, floors and ceilings.

Sound Isolation

The dB15 Soundboard is specifically designed to insulate sound travel. The sound pressure wave will interact with the mass and density of the sand. This will reduce the energy of the wave and so reducing the intensity. And has been independently tested to * 39 dB noise reduction

Easy to Install

The dB15 tape is a sticky and flexible self-adhesive tape, which will keep the sand in the flu. dB15 Soundboard has a one directional flu, when installed horizontally the flu line will minimise sand loss. Therefore, it is quite easy to install pockets in the dB15 Soundboard for example dB15 Backboxes or electric sockets.

  • Perfect for stairs isolation

    The dB15 Soundboard can be cut and shaped to cover stairs and kick board, which makes it ideal for insulating and adding mass and density to stairs. This is however not a final layer and is used with other soundproofing materials ie rubber matting, quilt underlay etc.

How to Install the dB15 Soundboard

Check our video to see how easy it is.


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